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Wouldn't it be great to have a fourth contenttype to jump to when a hotspot is clicked? Besides text, picture and video a URL would be welcome. In that case a textbox in which a URL is enclosed would not be needed. In some caes this textbox is overhead. Sometimes one would like to jump right away to a specific webpage in a new window.

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Add a RETRY button to "Find Multiple Hotspots"

Please add a RETRY button to "Find Multiple Hotspots"
(Actually, it would be nice to have a RETRY button on all H5P content types)

I'm using the H5P plugin for Moodle and I have it set to save the users activity – that’s why "Refresh" on the browser won't provide the user with a new start, and the user is limited to only one single attempt.

I strongly believe that repetition is accentual to acquiring knowledge and skills
so please consider this positively  

Thank you