Find Multiple Hotspots

Defining specific order in Multiple HotSpots

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I would like to create an activity that would allow new employees to practice using our cashier program.

This is one of the screens:

Is it possible to define a specific order in which students must choose the hotspots?

Or would it work better with an alternative activity?

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Add option for Find Multiple Hotspots to a Column

The Find a Hotspot feature is great, but I really wish I could incorporate the Find Multiple Hotspots feature into a column.

I'm trying to test my students' knowledge of the guitar fretboard, so the Find a Hotspot feature isn't really extensive enough for what I need, so I really want to be able to use Find Multiple Hotspots to test people's knowledge of the fretboard visually as well as using other content types within the same Column. I was kind of surprised it wasn't already an option.