Content not showing on page (new install of H5P)

I have used H5P for years on Moodle and have just installed on a new Wordpress Site.

Using Wordpress 5.6 with PHP 7.4 (both newly installed)
Note - I have also tried downgrading to WP5.5 and 5.4 - same problem. 

I have created a new page and a simple drag text activity.

The activity is embedded on the page but when opening in the browser (both Chrome and Safafri) the page displays a spinning 'hanging wheel'
(in chrome) and nothin in safari. Changing the Wordpress theme does nothing either. I have also removed and re-installed H5P.
I also hangs with essay content, so I am assuming with all.

There only one other adding installed and no other changs to the H5P settings have been made.

Any ideas??!!!


I have just totally re-installed Wordpress 4.9.6 (and also PHP 7.0) and the H5P content is now appearing.

Could someone investigate this and establish what are the most current Wordpress and PHP versions compatable with H5P - or I am doing something wrong?!

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Hi rael74!

I am running H5P on a 5.6 WordPress on PHP 7.4 just fine at


Yes, I have 5.5.5 running fine now. 
A normal downgrade / re-install did not flush the problem out, so I had to totally remove WordPress manually from the server.
I may give 5.6 another attempt, but on reading this forum there do appear to be several people reporting similar issues recently with 5.6.
I alwyas have in the back of my mind - Computers are weird things and ultimetley, I'm using free software!


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Hi rael74,

I've already reached out to the H5P core team regarding this through Jira. I also have a separate conversion with them and they said they will be investigating it. It's just one of those issues that is hard to isolate since the only similarity is WP 5.6 but not everyone that is running it has the issue. I've also been trying to reproduce this since it was initially reported but until now I haven't been able to.


I think it may have something to do this changing the PHP version after H5P has been installed and content has been created.
I upgrades the PHP (from ? to 7.4 ) after I have installed H5P. I then found the content would not show. I then changed back and it still wouldn't.
I then re-installed H5P and it seems stable again. Not sure what I'm doing really! Leavign things alone now!