Will the H5P module work with the MEDIA Module?

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Will the H5P module work with the MEDIA Module?

We want users to be able to add multimedia to H5P using Drupals media module as well as being able to add H5Ps into rich texts(blogs for instance) using the media module. We haven't given this a priority yet. If community members steps up this can happen very soon

This would solve problems with the current <script> tags required to embed H5P in web pages. I don't think many websites will allow embedding content this way due to security risks.

We'll fix our current embed code this month. We haven't prioritized media module compatibility yet. Our current embed code is a blunder. We will probably go for script + iframe, but we will do some testing first. The idea is that security functions will strip away the script tag and keep the iframe tag. If we find that some popular websites refuses the entire code we will create a popup where the user can choose their embedcode instead with iframe only as the default.

We use script today so that we won't have to have an iframe with a fixed size and to make sure that fullscreen works in all browsers.

Is an iframe still in the works to replace the <script> embed? ETA? Thanks!

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Yes, it is still in the works. We got more urgent matters we had to handle last month but it will be fixed. I hope it will be done this month or next month.

I know this topic is very old but I was wondering what happened with the media module integration?

is it done already? or are you going to implement this change in the future?/

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We haven't done anything about that yet and it will take quite some time until we integrate it unless there are contributions towards this from community members.

By contribution you mean community developers who can implement this or memembers who can contribute financially to this feature?

If there is a way I could contribute i would be interested since I want to use h5p but i want to reuse my pictures and audios.

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Both, either contribute by buying this feature from the H5P Team, or contribute by having other developers do the job and provide it to H5P as pull requests or patches.