H5P & Moodle V3.10 Compatibility


As I understand, the H5P Moodle plugin is not yet compatible with Moodle V3.10?

Is there an ETA for this?

Thank you.

I have been using it with 3.10 for a couple of months now without issue. I'm running a fresh moodle without many additional plugins installed.

gengoac vies poradit ako ho nainstalovat na 3.10?

Pri instalacii mi vyhadzuje chybu

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Hi martinturcek,

"How do I install it on 3.10? gengoac can you advise how to install it on 3.10? It throws me an error during installation"

I think telling us waht the error is would be a good start in isolating the issue. Personally I installed the plugin in Moodle 3.10 using the steps in this documentation. It may not be 100% the same but I was able to install it without any issues.


I just installed it from moodle.org by downloading the .zip file, and installing it from -> site administration -> plugins -> install plugins

Once installed, go to a course -> turn on editing -> add an activity in a section -> select "h5p interactive content" and you can choose which h5p activity to add.

* Important: do not select the activity labelled "H5P", this is different. Select the activity h5p Interactive Content.