Improvement regarding solutions in quizes

In single choice and multiple choice quizes showing the solution may not be detected, because it is marked in one corner, but the solution is given in the other, that is, you mark the solution on the left but when you are going to show solution it is shown on the right:

In this case I would suggest not showing the solutions on the opposite side from where they are selected, since it can lead to confusion, in case you want to 'show the solution' it should be something clearer like putting a green tick on the side left (where the solutions are chosen) in such a way that you have an X in which you marked and was incorrect and a green tick in which they were the correct solutions.

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Hi Netex,

Some screenshots would help us understand your problem.


What we mean is when you are going to select the option, the radio button is on the left side 

And when you show the solution the correct answer is on the right side showing the correct answer