URL in Hotspot images not working

I'm trying to add a link to an image hotspot, but for some reason or the other it's impossible to follow the link via clicking with the left button (right click, open in new window works). It doesn't seem to be that my browser is blocking popups since I disabled the blocking of popups in Safari (also tried Opera and Firefox). And it's clickable (so there isn't a div covering it or something like that).

I also tried to add a link to the hotspot demo (http://h5p.org/image-hotspots) with firebug, and the behavior was the same.

Any idea what can be the problem, or is it a bug?

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Thanks for reporting. We've fixed a bug related to this now. Click the raspberry on the example page to see it in action. If you download the H5P file from the example page and upload it to your system you'll get support for links as well.

In the interactive book, my hotspot items are covering the whole page when I open them. I do NOT have "Cover entire background image" chosen in my hotspots. 

These work properly in H5P, but not in Canvas.  

Edit: Deleted link for content privacy

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Hi pascoeschool,

I am unable to reproduce the issue you mentioned above. I suggest that you contact H5P.com support directly by following the instructions on this page.