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Hi everyone,

First post and quite new to H5P!

Within our moodle 3.9 platform (desktop version, Chrome) we are experiencing some problemens with the Interactive video module. 
When you add an enquete to your Youtube video you can decide to pause the video when it reaches the questionnaire. However the video starts playing again when you type the letter 'k' within an answer since this is the smartkey for play/pause from youtube. Students cannot form an answer with the letter 'k' in it since the youtube video will start playing and the enquete will dissapear before you can send in an answer. 

The only workaround we can find is to disable the smartkeys completely within Chrome. If you were able to use an iframe you could add ?rel=0&disablekb=1 behind your youtube URL to disable the smartkey function. Example:   https://codepen.io/BillGCF/pen/WQejXO

- Moodle 3.9, Desktop, Chrome, H5P plugin version 2020061500, interactive video, Open ended question, no errors are given. 

Thanks in advance for any help!



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Hi Lana,

Can you please check if you will encounter the issue with my test content. I can't seem to reproduce this myself.



Hi BV,

Thank you for your reply!
The file you send me works just fine. When I download the H5P file I can upload it within our platform through the left plugin:

Within this plugin you can only upload H5P files and not create them. The file works good within our own moodle platform. However, I cannot upload the file within the Interactive Content module (the one we use to create content) because h5p is unable to unzip it:

That means I cannot test it properly. 

Do you need more information? I asked our developers specifics about the different plugins. I'll let you know as soon as possible!



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Hi Lana,

The blue icon is the H5P core integration in Moodle and the black is the H5P plugin created by the H5P core team. They do have their pros and cons but that's a different story altogether.

Since the issue is not showing using my test content we can rule out the browser you are using and it could well be a setting, combination of settings or combination of content types and its settings that is triggering the issue. It some cases these settings are not obvious nor they are related to the issue that we are having. I suggest that you attach a sample content here that is having the issue so that I can also test on my end.

For the upload issue there is possibility that you are using a lower version of Interactive Video and you do not have admin rights to update the libraries. Updating the content type may resolve the issue.

Note: Uploaded your screenshots since it will not show the <img> tag if the image was not uploaded in this site.