[WIP] Shortcut content type



I want to teach some of my student some usefull keyboard shortcut in a cursus about computer science (young student). In order to do this, I am currently creating a content type to allow me to easily check if they are able to do them.

It's my first content type but for now it goes very well. Here it's current state :



It's still not finished, I need to add a way to configure the shortcut in the editor (currently it's hard coded), I need to convert my string so they can be translated. I need to handle xapi in order to give 1/1 score when they success. I need to add comment to my code.

I will post here when the content is finished :)



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Hi Degrange,

Thank you for sharing this. We look forward to seeing this once it's finished ;-)


The content type is now fully functionnal ! 

I now have to :

→ make it compatible with translation [edit: done]

→ clean up code / add comment / etc.

→ handle the xapi part [edit: done]

→ add an icon to my content type

→ some shortcut (like alt tab, ctrl alt suppr, etc.) can't be used as they remove focus of the windows. However I could detect the windows loosing focus and guessing they did the shortcut : i need to add that  [edit: done]