H5P.Shortcut content type



I have developped my first content type.

This content type allow to request the user to do a shortcut of our choice, like Ctrl+P while providing live feedback (pressed key are displayed in green) to help him if he not used to type shortcut.

This content type support xAPI and will give a 1/1 grades when the shortcut is pressed.

It is possible to choose a text to display when the shortcut is successfully typed.

There is some additionnal option like the ability to prevent key press or shortcut to trigger effect (if the browser allow it).



Requesting addition to h5p if it fit h5p criteria.


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Interesting idea.

I've tried it and I have two remarks:

- It's great that you can enter the shortcut by clicking on the input field and entering it. However, it will also construct super long shortcuts, because it will append every keypress. Maybe you should limit the length to 4 keys. (Ctrl, Alt, Shift + one regular key)
- Could you create a language/.en file so that the library can be translated?


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Hi Degrange!

Nice, eventually some more developers for H5P \o/ Let me know if you'd like some peer review.



Yes I would like some review.

Some points that might be nice to check :

- does it work on linux ? I don't have a computer with linux and virtualisation would not be good for emulating key. Might be good to also check shortcut like Alt+Tab

- same question for Mac if you have one. Though if this don't work I will probably never be able to fix it as I don't have access to a mac.

- Is the description of the field understandable ? Is there english spelling mistakes ?


Thanks to Otacke I was able to see that it wasn't working on Linux, however I was able to fix it.

It seems to work on Mac.

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I hope to find some time to have a look at your changes this weekend.

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I like the editor much better now :-) Alt+Tab still not working on Linux (rather meaning Gnome/Wayland in my case), but I assume that may be some system shortcut that you cannot override.

I am thinking about accessibility :

- Is there somepeople who can use keyboard (including shortcut) but not mouse ? I think probably.

- Is there an accessibility api to know if the user can use a mouse ? It quickyl searched and it doesn't seems to exist but I am not an expert.

- Then, how can I make my content type accessible to them (for authoring) ? I see two possibility :

- Add a timeout after a number of second

- Add a checkbox to allow the tab key to allow to leave the shortcut input field

What's the best between these two solutions (or do you have a better solution) ?