Internal Server Error (500) when loading Course Presentation


I tried to upload content from as h5p-file to a wordPress site and i got the following error code:

Internal Server Error (500)
Unable to interpret response.
Please check your error log.

Browsers console gave information about "Paused on exception" on the first line of script "h5p-hub-client.js".

Everything worked fine when I loaded the same content to Moodle. I deactivated all WordPress plugins and reactivated H5P-plugin but it did not help.

Would you have any suggestion how I could get the content to WordPress?


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Hi mark0a,

Please attach a screenshot of the complete error message in the browser console.


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Hi all!

It's a server problem. I suppose the console error message itself will not help, but one would have to look at the server response on the network tab. I fear it's not that simple to explain that on a forum ...


Thank you for your responses!

I noticed that the site used an old php-version and I managed to upload the content after the version was updated.

However, the upload did not succeed perfectly, because the navigation buttons and fullscreen button are not shown properly, as you can see from the post

I tried to create a new H5P content and copy and paste content from the current version, but it did not help to get the buttons back.

I wonder how I could change the buttons back to normal?

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Hi mark0a!

It seems that the FontAwesome library is not loaded at all. I'd erase the contents inside wp-content/uploads/h5p/cachedassets and try again. If that doesn't help, then you should re-install Course Presentation in order to set the database entries for dependencies straight.


Thanks again for your response!

I erased the cachedasset, but it did not help. I could not rapidly find a way how to reinstall a content type, so I reinstalled the plugin and reimported the contents. Now it seems to work, thanks for help!

Did you lose any courses by uninstalling the h5p plugin?

Hi, This happened a while ago and unfortunately I did not document the process, but I think I exported all h5p content to external .h5p files and imported them back into WordPress. I think that uninstalling the plugin deletes also the files and folders that contain the h5p content. However, I did not have to make any changes to WordPress posts, because I documented the id numbers of h5p-content and reimported h5p-files in the same order they were before the update. That way I did not have to update the embed codes (for  example [h5p id="15"]).

Thank you mark0a :)

hello , i got some error, when uninstalling Plugin H5P in my moodle site. i don't know how to fix this. anyone can help me? or any other method to solve this problem? something like uninstalling manual from the server.