Course Presentation - Video autoplay not working if video is on first slide

Continuing the discussion from h5p/h5p-course-presentation#146:


If I enable autoplay for a video (file) that is on the first slide, it does not play automatically when the presentation is viewed. Only if one goes to the next slide and back again the video starts to play.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Put video on first slide
  2. Enable autoplay
  3. View presentation
  4. Notice that video doesn't play

Expected behaviour

Video should start to play.


Technical details

  • Platform: Drupal (
  • Desktop Firefox 83.0
  • Content type: Course Presentation
Content types: 
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Hi fkohrt,

This is more of a browser security than a bug. Oliver has some explanation on this issue in this comment.


I'm not so sure about that, because disabling browser policies didn't help, see my comment on the relevant GitHub issue:

Even with...

  • the chromium switch --autoplay-policy=no-user-gesture-required and with
  • the policy AutoplayAllowed set to true

...I can't get the video to play.

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Hi fkohrt,

Thank you for testing this. I will check with the H5P core team once they are back on Monday.


What is the status of this bug? I have the same problem.

So..... ?

Hi BV,

thanks and a Happy New Year!

~ Florian

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Happy New Year to you too Florian!