A renewed call for "Exam Mode"

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I know there have been numerous requests for an "Exam Mode" within H5P.  There are just so many awesome question types and interactive features within..having the ability to do summative as well as formative assessment would really catapult our language instructors' use of the platform to the NEXT LEVEL!

I  also know that H5P is open-source...meaning that we in the user community all have have an opportunity to contribute...it's just that I don't have the tech-wizardry necessary to take on a project as monumental as this.  I have interacted with the members of the H5P development team and I know that you are a super-motivated and committed group who contribute mountains of your own time, energy, and focus to the H5P mission (which is AWESOME!) and I don't want come across as demanding or complaining...that's certainly not my intention...because, especially for language teaching, I am LOVING the new features and question types the team keeps adding.  It's just that I think that the inclusion of either an "Exam Mode" within H5P itself, or perhaps tighter LTI integration (something that leverages release criteria within an LMS itself) will make a HUGE difference in how teachers adopt the platform into their teaching.  

My hope with this post is twofold: (1) to renew the call for this feature and (2) to encourage others in the user community to advocate for it too.  I know that right now a lot of developer energy is going into the OER Hub...and I am following this project with interest and anticipation.  But I am really hopeful that an "exam mode" (something with attempt controls, time limits, browser restrictions, seamless audio/video integration, and a more complete adoption of H5P question types) will make its way onto the roadmap in the not so distant future.  It will truly be a GAMECHANGER.  

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Keywords: language teaching, exam, exam mode, time limits, test, testing, quiz, quiz creation, summative, evaluation

Context: I am a member of the modern languages unit at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada.  We use H5P.com integrated with BrightSpace.  

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The thing is that this would be H5P v2 and require re-writing all content types. This is not something you just add to the existing ones. For example, it would require server-side evaluation for every one of them. So I don't think it is reals that this will happen without massive funding by some institution.

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Funding is what meanwhile H5P.com is responsible for. Doesn't look bad at all, cmp. https://youtu.be/Nkj8f4mKbhU so I would not bet that some external funding will be required. But yes, that's quite some work to do.

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Thanks for sending that YouTube link along.  Super interesting!

Sounds great to me!

What about this suggestion? https://github.com/education-ai/h5p-in-exams/
It is very easy to create a server in "exam mode" with H5P to avoid cheating. The required work is limited, just a few lines of code need to be changed, as you can see in the moodle example. Just for scoring you need a tool that can handle learner answers.

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It's a hack and I doubt it will work for all content types. H5P stays a client-side system and you basically lose all the functionality that makes H5P great with the hack. I don't see why you can't simply use the Moodle quiz then.



To me, this is by far the biggest obstacle to using H5p "seriously".

It has tons of features and is very user-friendly, and I would use it very extensively in my courses but for the lack of an "exam mode".

As it is, its use will ramain limited to some token "fun" quizzes and a couple of "practice" tests. What a shame!

PS I use H5p with Moodle 3.9.