Code learning based content



i try to use the plugin for my wordpress site in combination with some internet services and much css modifications on the h5p plugin. After this the result can be checked on my test site here:

i try to create code learning content with the plugin but its not easy for me to do this with the "essay" within the "interactive book". have you maybe a another solution to make this like in my example?

one more question: can i combine my wordpress content --> within --> the h5p content?

thank you

I am also very interested by code learning based content.

There is a very small probability that I create new content type such as :

→ a content type to highlight code (very basic but always usefull)

→ a content type to allow the user to type code with highlighting (too bad there isn't on moodle a way to display all user content)

→ a content type where the user have to code something in python and it is then evaluated to automatically give a grade (using skulpt to translate python in javascript)

But like as said, there is a very small probability that I create that.


So I started working on this and I think I will be able to do it. But can't promise anything.

I will use code mirror as code editor and syntax highlighter. Still not sure if I will use the version 5 or the version 6. It would be better to go with the new version but it's very very hard to understand. I was able to make it work without really understanding what I did, I don't know if I keep it that way or if I should switch to the v5 which is easy to handle. I am still thinking :D

I went with v5.

The editor widget is done (just have to do some cleaning). The content type to display code work (I now have to add configuration and do some cleaning).


sorry for the delay.. i am not so active here. if you want we can connect over discord, skype, whatsapp, slack ... thank you for your interest on this type of learning modul :-)


I just searching how do that with H5P and I found your post :) Nice work, thanks.

Just to be sure, this type could be used with the course presentation or only at a standalone object ?

Can we test it, do you have a repository with instruction ?

Have a nice day

It will probably be compatible with course presentation. I can't be sure at 100% as I still haven't done this part but I will try to do what I can to do it.

Here the current repository :

Here a post about the content type :

Here a demo :


Really nice, I love the demo, many possible useful usages.

I have anothe question. The textarea with highligting could be used alone ? Today I haven't see native highlight option for course presentation and this can be a good addition (or perhaps it already exists a better option I don't know, I'm new with H5P).


Have a nice day

Yes, but with an other content type I created (code highlighter) :

Hey looking very good. thank you very much to share this with us and for your time. can you tell me how i can use it? 
1. need to download the repo?
2. and then install it from wordpress? 

Thank you so much :-) 

It's still getting upgrade as I discover issue when developping the H5P.Python content type. But if you want the current version, here the library (didn't tested it, maybe I broke something recently)

H5P file: 

Degrange, this is a very interesting content type. Looking forward to the Beta version being released.