June 2021 Release

hi, i'm using h5p plugin on my wordpress site.

Yesterday i saw this https://h5p.org/live-engagement-tools-released about June 2021 release.

How can i activate this new features to my site?

thanks for the support.

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Hi Tempo,
Make sure your H5P plugin is up to date. If it is you should be able to click an "update" button as an admin when you are about to create a Branching Scenario or Virtual Tour. This will get you Branching Scenario 1.0 and Virtual Tour 360 with labels. (The live engagement tools are available only on H5P.com, but you may sign up there and embed them in WordPress)

thanks for the answer.

I want more info how can i embed "live engagement tools" into my wordpress site.

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Hi tempo!

As mentioned in the post about the "live engagement tools", unfortunately those are available to H5P.com customers only, not for the H5P plugins for WordPress, moodle, etc.


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Hi Tempo,

Just to add to this. You can sign up for an H5P.com subscription then reach out to a customer support specialist to have the features enabled for your account. Please note that this is initially available only for EU customers. Then you can use the embed feature for H5P.