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This is an idea/wish from a session that was held at OERcamp17 in Hamburg, Germany on June 24.

With h5p-standalone it is possible to display the contents of an h5p file in simple HTML5 environment. Yet, it is not possible to use it offline since (for a good reason) JavaScript cannot read from a local harddisk (unless you're using a local webserver).

  • As a teacher, I want to offer students the opportunity to use h5p content offline in order to support more pedagogical scenarios.
  • As a student, I want to be able to download h5p files to my device and play them without an internet connection later.

A similar feature is already mentioned in H5P's roadmap, cmp https://h5p.org/roadmap, but another option could be to create a package similar to XAMPP that runs a one-click-pre-configured web server on the local machine -- maybe with a smaller footprint using nginx.

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Hi Otacke,

Thanks for the feedback.

Would a progressive web application (with offline support) be another possible solution? (It would require internet at some point before hand).

- Tom

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I am not sure if someone from the conference's session is going to read this - and I was merely the messenger - but I guess that'd be an option. However, I can imagine there might as well be scenarios where even sporadic internet access cannot be taken for granted and content should be distributable offline.

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Yea, for sure there are cases where distributing by e.g. a memory stick could be plausable.

- Tom

Hallo, I just found this two-years old feature request.

I would like to execute my H5P archive locally on my laptop, since I'm not sure to have an Internet connection everywhere, but I would prefer not to have to install a XAMP server on my laptop.

Yes, the browser is not allowed to use local .js files... is there a workaround or a H5P player?

If you know, please, let me know.


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Hi Giacomo,

I'm afraid this is not yet availble.


Hi Giacomo,

for local editing H5P we use a solution called InstantWP. It runs on Windows and iOS and contains:

A virtual machine which launches Alpine Linux



and a preinstalled


In this Wordpress you have to install the H5P - Plugin for Wordpress... and that's it.

This Wordpress recognizes Updates for Wordpress.

The system also recognizes updates for the H5P plugin, and the H5P-Hub recognizes updates for content types or new content types.

You can run the package also from a usb stick.



We tested InstantWP on many machines. The start tooks some time (loading a virtual machine is heavy work) but then you can view and edit H5P very comfortable.

Regards Hartmut

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Hi Hartmut,

Thank you for the information. I'll also look into this over the weekend.


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While working on H5P-standalone  I have encountered some issues with some ecosystem libraries such as this. My question is if the libraries are actively maintained since there seems to be no response or feedback regarding the pull request to fix the issue. 

It is not fair to dedicate my effort toward trying to provide fixes that will allow integration of H5P outside main supported ecosystems (Moodle, WordPress, e.t.c) if the libraries are not actively maintained. H5P-standalone currently has hacks to mitigate such issues but on some scenarios may require updating H5P core library such use of deprecated arguments.callee().


Kindly anyone advise the procedure for getting a H5P library issue/fix reviewed on Github