Instructions for using LaTex arrays and tables


I would like to know where I can find instructions to use Latex arrays and tables.  After entering my code, the slide looked messy.  This is how it looked like after everything was typed.  Each line of text is its own table followed by the box to be filled.


After clicking the Save button, it looked messy as below.



It shows that I really need instructions.  Where can I get them?  For those who need to see the code, it is shown below.

$$\begin{array}{>{\flushleft\arraybackslash$}p{10.0cm}<{$} >{\fluhright\arraybackslash$}p{3.0cm}<{$}}
\text{Games - average number of games a player participates in a year} \hspace{0.49cm} &\hspace{3cm}\\
\end{array}$$  *28.037*
$$\begin{array}{>{\flushleft\arraybackslash$}p{10.0cm}<{$} >{\fluhright\arraybackslash$}p{3.0cm}<{$}}
\text{Wage - annual salary of a player in thousands of dollars} \hspace{2.70cm}&\hspace{3cm}\\
\end{array}$$  *1423.828*


Thanks in advance.




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I would really advice you to not use latex for creating a table. The biggest problem is that you are hardcoding a width, which means the text won't be readable on smaller screens (e.g. phones). In my mind you should stick to having the text and input floating, so that it wraps nicely on smaller screens.

Do note the mathjax-support was made to make is possible to display mathmatical formulas, it was not meant to be used as a mean of doing  special layouts.

Can I hardcode the content using HTML when using fill in the blanks and drag words?

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No, unfortunately you can't.

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It looks like there is a couple of line-breaks in the Latex. This probably confuses the WYSIWYG editor as to what is HTML and
what is Latex. If you reformate it to this it should work:

\(\begin{array}{>{\flushleft\arraybackslash$}p{10.0cm}<{$} >{\fluhright\arraybackslash$}p{3.0cm}<{$}}\text{Games - average number of games a player participates in a year} \hspace{0.49cm} &\hspace{3cm}\\\end{array}\)  *28.037*

\(\begin{array}{>{\flushleft\arraybackslash$}p{10.0cm}<{$} >{\fluhright\arraybackslash$}p{3.0cm}<{$}}\text{Wage - annual salary of a player in thousands of dollars} \hspace{2.70cm}&\hspace{3cm}\\\end{array}\)  *1423.828*