Textantwort im Interaktiven Video


ist es möglich im interaktiven Video, auch eine Frage zu stellen die mit einem Textfeld als Anwort dargestellt wird.

Das heißt der Schüler muß die Anwort mit eigenem Text schreiben.

Danke Gerd Weinzierl

"it is possible in the interactive video to ask a question that is displayed in a text field as an answer.

That means the student has to write the answer with his own text."

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Hi Gerd,

This is possible by using the "Free Text" question in Interactive Video.



I try to find a solution, I would like to have a space where I can enter a free text as an answer.

I've check, i dont find the "free text" inside interaction video H5P.

Can you help me ? Thanks a lot


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Hi Olfzy,

You need to enable the "Enable LRS dependent content types" in the H5P setttings.


Hello BV 52,thank you you fetched me a lot, now it worked,I would like to know whether the answer texts for questionnaires or free text questions appear somewhere for checking purposes, I work with the H5P plug-in in Moodle.I'm looking forward to the replyMany greetings.

from Bavaria (Germany) Gerd Weinzierl

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Hi Gerd,

You should see the replies/answers in Moodle's Gradebook. The H5P plugin is design to generate the results using xAPI and Moodle's gradebook should be able to capture this.


thanks , i try !