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Hi everybody

I'd like to share with the H5P community some of the work I've done for my A1 students. I work in Mexico for the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), I teach English to teenagers and I've noticed my students have improved their English because of the practice they have with H5P exercises. This material I'm sharing is to practice "Present Continuous". 

Thanks to all the H5P team, this tool is just great! 



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Hi Daniel,

Thank you for sharing this and we are happy that H5P is helping students learn.


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Hey, Daniel. I like your design. Could you tell me how you added the sidebar menu?


I used the H5P activity called "Interactive book". 


i'm why i don't see Interactive book in my moodle h5p activity, any idea?

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Hi Skill,

Since the interactive book is in Alpha version it is not included in the H5P hub. However you can install the libraries by downloading a sample content like what I have here and uploading it into Moodle. Please note that since this is in Alpha version there are some incomplete features and bugs that needs to be fixed.


Hi!  I am brand-spankin' new to this!  I'm embarking on a journey to put my American English Pronunciation materials in an LMS like Moodle.

In part, I do asynchronous coaching of their recorded speech assignment.

I need a plugin that I record a target word or sentence, the client listens to the model and records their imitation. They can also listen to their model to attempt self-correction in repeated tries. 

I receive their recordings and listen for accuracy.  I then, in a recorded format, coach their performance. They listen to the coaching and repeat the cycle.  Thanks in advance for your input.

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Hi cindyjansen,

You can use Moodle short answer questions it self and ask user to record voice as answer. In feedback you can always use audio/video option.

Also did you try H5P s Dication? https://h5p.org/dictation 


All the best


Hi Cindyjansen
I would be interested to know if the solutions offered worked for you or if you cam up with any other viable solutions that can be used in H5P?
I ask because I am interested in helping our international students with their spoken English and your idea looked exactly what I was looking for.

Hello, I don't see an error correction type of exercise with H5P.  The students would read a paragraph or an essay and correct the grammatical errors in it.  Is there an available type of exercise for this purpose?  Thanks!


Is "adanced fill in the blanks" available in Pressbooks?  I don't see this option among others.  Thanks!

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Hi lcui,

I don't have any experience with Pressbooks but assuming this is using a plugin similar to what Drupal, WP or Moodle have. You can download the example content and upload it into your system to install the libraries for the content type. Please note that you need admin access to install the libraries.