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When I add a bulleted list to my Course presentation, the editing window shows a solid bullet for the top level and a open bullet for the 2nd level.  When I save that, it converts it to all open bullets (see attached images).  I can't figure out any way to edit the bullet format. I'm working in Drupal (I have the same issue working in H5P).  Any suggestions?

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Hi paulster,

Thank you for reporting this. I have created a bug report and you can follow it here.



Any updates on this bug? It's still present in 2021. 

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Hi tki,

I wish I have some updates but I don't. What I can do is follow up with the developers in the Core team.


I'm having this same issue in Moodle. Is there a workaround that we can use? I noticed that you can use the "exportable text area" and the bullets remain the same but you can't change the font or color of the text. Very frustrating.

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Hi Angelica,

I'm sorry but I haven't found any work around for this issue. If I happen to find one I'm make sure to post it here.