Cannot register a second Moodle for OER Hub



I registered our development Moodle for the H5P OER Hub (just to check it out first), but on our Production Moodle server (different domain), I get a "UUID" error message when I try to save our Registration form to use the OER Hub.

For that second registration, I'm using a different email address, contact name and slightly different institution name, yet the error message seems to say I am trying to regster a duplicate UIID or that UUID is already in use.

Two Questions:

  1. How do I get around this issue so I can register our production Moodle site?
  2. If I cannot do #1, how would I UNregister our first site (development one) to "free up" that UUID so I can register our development site?

Thanks for your help!

John Love

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If I understand this correctly, these sites have the same Site UUID. That makes me think one of these sites was created by using a database snapshot from the other site. Could that be the case here?

Hi fnoks - yes, you are exactly right about that.

I have no idea where a UUID is setup, but I guess I need to ask our SysAdmin about changing the UUID on our development server...

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This site_uuid variable is set by the H5P module programmatically, so I would think your sysadmin has no idea what it is. Maybe it helps if you tell him it is set like this:

set_config("site_uuid", "<the-actual-uuid>", "mod_hvp");

That was helpful! Our SysAdmin was able to remove the UUID on our test server, but really what I think we need is this:

Can one UNregister a site from the OER Hub?

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Hi John,

I've reached out to the developers because Afaik currently there is no way to do this. I'll get back to you once I hear from them.


Thank you for your help! 

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Hi John,

Additionally can please provide a screenshot of the error message.


Here's the error message we see when I try to reg our production Moodle server for the IOERR Hub after already reg'ing the dev Moodle for OER.
As was surmised, our dev Moodle was created from a clone image of the production one, so no matrter how I try to change info in the OER Hub reg form, they have the same underlying UUID.

One alternative may be to wipe out the UUID on prioduction, but I don't want to risk any negative impacts on the Joubel plugin and live H5P activities. 


We'll ask our SysAdmin to change UUID on one of the two servers.


Just to say that with some help from H5P Support, we were able to get our previous OER registration removed, and then could re-register our Production server with OER Hub. This is satisfactory (except for a nagging "unable to download content" error message we get when trying to use OER activities. Hoping that an upcoming Moodle update or Joubel plugin update will resolve that bug...


One thing at a time..., thanks H5P! :)

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Hi jlove,

Would you mind checking firewalls or any other security software/plugins. I've seen some reports similar to this but for some reason I am unable to reproduce it myself.


Hello BV52,

I am the new admin for the Moodle site at and have noticed that when I try to register an account on the H5P Hub via the H5P configuration page, I receive the same message (View attachment) as JLOVE. I am also not able to download the new libraries, which I believe is also related to this (View attachment). 


Do you believe it would be possible to have the OER registration removed, so that I can re-register our production server with OER Hub again?


I believe I have our UUID if you need it. 


From what I ama able to determine, this problem started when the last SysAdmin upgraded our Moodle from 3.6 to 3.9 back in July. I have no idea if the last Admin cloned the site or not.  


Thank you in advanced for your help,