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Folks, testing with moodle (3.11.x) along with the current h5p plugin (not hvp).  Just as a test I uploaded the interactive video sample (smoothie).

After a student user interacts with the sample interactive video and submits scores I see "View all attempts (0 submitted)" for that content.  As the user I did go as far as to submit responses.  Is there a setting or issue that may make tracking seem less consistent?  I don't see errors in the httpd logs.

Looking at the h5p logs, I see the user viewing content is logged, just not the user interactions.

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Hi kchan!

Question #1) When you say the user has submitted responses, do you mean just checked them in an exercise or actually submitted them via a submit screen? Interactive Video requires users to actively submit their answers on a submit screen that will open by default once the video has reached the end or whenever you set one using the star button in the editor or whenever a student clicks on he star button.

Question #2) If my answer to question #1 doesn't solve your issue: Are you in fact using the current H5P plugin for moodle that was created by the H5P core team (which IS mod_hvp) or moodle's own core integration of H5P (which is mod_h5pactivity)? If the latter, you may want to rather reach out to the moodle community at


Problem solved.  As it turns out during the upgrade process of moodle this weekend mod_h5pactivity was installed and mod_hvp was pulled.  I should have caught that "View all attempts (0 submitted)" is a mod_h5pactivity thing.  Thanks!  Your message really helped to bring clarity.



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Glad if I could help!