Restoring student permissions on Moodle

As we aim to use H5P as part of online assessments, we want to diable the result showing feature in the User Report on Moodle. We did it successfully by removing students' permissions under H5P as well as the course. This permission setting however is not saved in the H5P file or the Moodle course back-up file. That means teachers have to adjust the settings for every new course with the same H5P materials. It would be rather time-consuming and impractical for a large number of courses and materials.

It would be helpful if
1. the permissions setting of H5P could be saved in the H5P file. or
2. the permissions of H5P could be retored along with a Moodle course back-up file.

Restoring student permissions
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Hi mrseantsoi,

I'm not a Moodle Expert but I think this should be addressed through the Moodle forums.