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I am interested in translating the the Moodle H5P plugin to Portuguese. However, I could only find the .mo and the .po files which I believe are only used to translate the WordPress plugin. I believe I've found the document (the one attached to this thead) where I can translate the comments, but only that. I want to translate the whole Moodle plugin including the libraries, etc. Does anyone know where I can find this document?

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Hi Ana,

Great that you consider contributing translations! The guy working on this isn't available, but I'll help as best as I can :)

Do you know how to make a GitHub pull request? I think if you follow the pattern of the other Moodle translations you perhaps could make it? Here are the other ones.

Regarding translating content types it is documented under Translations here.

I tried making a GitHub request and it worked! Thank you!

Also, they say here: "If everything looks and works OK it will be merged in and become a part of the content type". What does it mean? How will it be possible for me to change the language of the content type I translated?

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Hi Ana, good job on making a language contribution! 

I'll make sure to review it and it will be included for you (and the entire H5P community) in the next release. I can't promise when that will come but it is usually in the order of a month or two. Unfortunately this is the process we have now and hopefully we'll have a better one in the future.


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Hello Ana

I am translating directly some Librarys of some contents. Still need help?

 I need to start translating libraries into Portuguese but I'm having trouble finding material on the subject. Can you help me get started?



How to get portuguese translation for "Find the words"?

Best regards

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In theory via a pull request just like https://github.com/jithin-space/h5p-find-the-words/pulls - but in practice, the author does not maintain the content type anymore and pull requests will not be accepted.