Multi-video page - videos freeze

Hello and thank you.  First post.

I have an educational website and about 60 H5P videos (each about 5 minute slong) with bookmarks.  They have their own home on a separate page on the site -- 1 video per page.

But it is useful to put them all on one page for a master search.  So I have about 60 videos on the page. I realize it's a lot but am trying to make it work.

I can search for bookmarks on about 10 videos and then the videos freeze.  Selecting a book mark advances the cursor on the bottom time-bar to the correct location and the cursor can jump from place to place on the time bar.  But the video is frozen and cannot advance to the bookmark.  Also the play start/stop button (triangle in lower left) does not work when the video is frozen.

I have tried this putting the videos directly on to the page; using a plugin that puts short code on the page for smaller groups of videos located on separate pages. I have tried clearing the cache.

The freezing also occurs with a small group of 10 videos or so.  Everything works fine when there is one video only on the page.

A page with multiple vimeo videos works fine with videos going all at once.

Any thoughts?  And thank you very much.

Multi-video pages freeze
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Hi regroup1!

So you are adding multiple videos by uploading them locally? Those videos are not streamed but need to be loaded by the browser up to the point where you jump before the video player can actually jump there. If you add multiple videos on a page, they all will be loaded at once, and that simply takes time. My best guess ...



Thank you for this.  I'll give it a try and do a long load time before trying them.  I put in  "loading" placeholder popup that give the browser time - about 20 seconds -- till at least I can see the video panel show.  But I'll do a long (10-20 minute) load beyond that and see if all the function comes.  Will follow-up.  Thank you.

Also, an afterthought, I'm not sure what you mean by "upload locally" -- the H5P video is made of a vimeo link, not an mp4 upload.  The page is made by putting the H5P short codes onto it.  Is there somewhere else I should put the H5P to stream it and avoid "local upload"?  Thank you, again.

Thank you again.  I don't know if this post still has interest.

I have studied the loading.  It seems as thought once a bookmark is selected and the video jumps to a time-marker, the script/loading will run.  Even if the video is on pause.  The page can handle about 10 active videos.  It doesn not seems to be an on-page wait-for-load issue, as I can wait 20 minutes and the issue remains.  It's that each time a video plays, it sets up a load.

So what I can do that seems to work and allow all 60 videos to work, is to require that the user jump to the end of the video and let it "play to the end" to stop the script.  Loop is off.  This ends the video.  And then I can go on to as many videos as I like.

So I may add a "branching" button on the video to jump to the end as a "done" button for the user to click whenever leaving a video.  So that they stop the video running in the background and keep the page free for the next video they may wish to look at.  I will keep you posted.

Or -- I have looked far and wide and haven't found one that works yet.  Do you know if the short code can respond to this:   If there is a code that can refresh a div only (not page), I can put the H5P shortcode in the div.  Then add a "Done" button the user can click to refresh the one video to "stopped,"  stop the script and then be free to look at other videos.  I don't know if this is the place for that kind of request, but if it's out there, I so appreciate it.

Thank you, again.