Moodle Plugin can't register with hub

Tried to install plug into our moodle configuration, but I was getting this page during install:
"Site could not be registered with the hub. Please contact your site administrator."

When I try to add activity to a course, this shows up:

Any tips on where to look/fix to resolve this error message? Does this have anything to do with it:
"register an account on the H5P hub"

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It seems that your server is not authenticating via SSL properly. That's not related to H5P per se, but can happen to any software that requires proper authentication. You should check the SSL certificate chain of the web server.



We've got the same problem and we've configured our (moodle server in our case) so that cURL (used to interact with the H5P hub) to contain the site certificate and intermediate certificates.  But we're still getting the problem.  Are you actually looking in the right place to resolve this? Thanks.

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Who is supposed to be "you"? I am an H5P community member like yourself.

And have you checked whether it's related to the curl bug in moodle?