How to update existing h5p material from 1.21 to 1.22 ????


can anybody please explain how I can update the my interactive videos, course presentations and image hotspots in my existing branching scenarios from 1.21 to 1.22? Creating these branching scenarios took a lot of time.

Trying to upload the h5p.files to moodle ends up in series of error messages in reference with these old versions.

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Hi, finally managed it with this workaround: opened "h5p-file" in winrar, opened "h5p.json" with an editor, searched and changed "21" to "22", exchanged the new json -file  in theh5p-file via winrar. Maybe it solves your problems, too. Good luck guys!


Thx Dag

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Hi Dag!

I'd really not do that if I were you. You may break content by manually messing with version numbers even if it worked for you.

The official way is to go to the H5P plugin's library settings page (/mod/hvp/library_list.php) where you'll see a button that's labelled with a green arrow if there's existing content that can be upgraded to a later version. Hit that button, choose the target version and proceed. This will safely perform the required changes for the data structure, translations, etc. for all content instances that can be upgraded.

Alternatively, you can open existing content in the editor and save it. Saving will automatically upgrade this single content instance to the latest version as well but leave the rest untouched.


p. s.: If you got error messages, you should share them with your questions, because they'll help those who want to help you.