Broken image links on edit screen when copying and pasting

I noticed that when using the 'copy' button on a course presentation and then 'paste' on a newly created one, any embedded images come across as broken links. See screenshots.

After saving the activity the images do appear correctly, but I can imagine users being confused when they copy content and are convinced that it hasn't worked properly. Is this expected behaviour or a bug? Thanks.

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Hi phil.r,

This is a bug and this has been reported here.


Excellent, thanks BV!

Has this issue been fixed? I note that there has been no update to the reported bug since 2019...

Is there a way to fix it/work around it without reloading the images? 

We are trying to copy question sets (drag and drops) as completely new activities in the wordpress editor and it seems to randomly corrupt the images - we can't seem to predict which will be corrupted and which won't. We have been reloading images manually; do we not have to do that?