Add audio to multiple choice question

H5p is great to create Language learing content. That's would be great if audio is supported to Quiz set!

One more thing: If user pass or fail the quiz, playing an audio would be much more interesting!

Thanks for your hard working H5P team!

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Noted. I think many want to be able to add audio and video more places. Thank you for the feedback :)

Now I'm working with h5p for wordpress. Do you guys have any plan to upgrade the plugin for WP?

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Yes, it is constantly being upgraded and another release will come this month, but there won't be any additional audio support this time. My company only add features like this as paid work for the moment. We contribute bug fixes and bigger features for free to the community but currently we don't do smaller feature requests for free since it slows down and eats up financing for the bigger things we're working on.

I am doing language courses, too. And I do need that function!  I find in the example in single choice and mutiple choice. It has that audio sign. However, when I can't find the botton when I create a new question by using H5P.

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right now there is an audio button in some questions, and it appears also if there is no audio attached. it would be great to be able to turn the audio button/icon off as well..

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Ouch, in what content types does this happen? The button is definitively not supposed to show up if there are no audio there.
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In question sets I have a work around. I basically just create an audio file, then create an MP4 video with the audio, then use the MP4 video as the audio for the question set. It's not ideal, and perhaps a little quirky, but it works for now. :-)

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It would be a good idea to be able to use "drag and drop audio" for teach language or music... Could it be possible?

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Hi peposalvador,

I'm afraid this is not possible with the current contents. But there is a way to combine several contents for this to happen. You can use Course Presentation as a container and combine Audio and Drag and Drop activities in it. I created a simple content here as a sample. Feel free to download it.