Image Hotspots Wordpress Shortcodes


Running H5P in wordpress and using the image hotspots.

Could you let the 'text' type content items run wordpress shortcodes? That way I could add some simple questions / run content from other plugins within the feedback.

Should be a simple case of adding the do_shortcode function to the text 



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I see what you mean, and it would be cool to be able to insert anything. However, if you're inserting dynamic content there will be issues with resizing and displaying stuff. This is because things are hidden or use animations when they're inserted into the page.
Is there any specifc things from other plugins you're thinking of inserting? 

You could do some experimenting with this your self. There's an action available that's called h5p_alter_filtered_parameters, which allows you to modify the content before it's displayed.

I think that the best way of getting what you're looking for is to implement new content types in H5P and/or to extend the already existing content types to allow for insertion of even more sub-content types inside of them. I'm afraid that opening up for WP shortcode will just create a storm of support requests due to the nature of dyamic content.