Wordle like Content Type

Wordle like games are very popular.

Some of them like Wordle or Phrasle are very useful for language learning and hence would be a very useful Content type to have.

The existing Crossword Content Type almost has everything that is needed. A new Content Type with some modifications to Crossword can do the trick.

Modifications needed:

1. It's ok to retain Clues. Worlde doesnt have Clues. But in an educational context, it is ok to give clues. Editors can always say "No clue".

2. It's ok to retain ability to create Across and Down and multiple questions. Creator can anyways just create one Across question and set it up like the normal Wordle.

3. Check button needs modification. When pressed it should color code the letters into 3 types: one color for correctly positioned letters, one for present but wrongly positioned and one for not present. Check should not Submit.

4. Another button added for Submit if a user wants to give up and Submit as it is. A Check with all correct answers can be made to auto-Submit.

This would be an extremely useful addition to the H5P repertoire...


Modify Crossword Content Type to create a Wordle like Content Type
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You may be interested to know that I have created a new "Guess It" H5P activity and recently added a "Wordle" option. All details on my Drupal-H5P test site at https://www.rezeau.org/drupal/index.php/

Check the documentation at http://www.rezeau.org/drupal/node/42 and play with it at MENU/Guess It/Guess It Activities/guess-it-wordle-100-english-words-5-letters or MENU/Guess It/Guess It Activities/Guess It - User entered Word (a la Wordle)


Wow Pai Jo. This is very nice. Will check it out in more detail later...