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By default hyperlinks in H5P open to a new tab/window but is it possible to make them open on the same target?

I have a Moodle course that is made up of several H5P modules and I would like to link from module to module & the course main page. I can create links but at the moment clicking the link launches a new tab/window which doesn't make much sense.

I thnk it would be good to be able to choose the link target.

choose link target (on hyperlinks)
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I'm moving this post to the feature request forum. Then it has a better change of being picked up by the team.

- Tom

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There should be "target" tab in the link popup where you can choose the target for the link. Don't you see it?

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I had the same problem and solved it by adding a simple text field where I entered text and added a hyperlink in the field. This dialog has a target tab. I think that's what falcon meant. The link action has no target tab (also I think it should have).

hi, pheraph

could you please help me how this can implement

i am working on a interactive video and i couldnt find any option to add a link thaqt can open on same window

all your help is highly appreciated

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Just add a text field to your video, where you insert a hyperlink. The link options in there has a target-tab where you can specify the link target. For better demonstration I added an example which you can download and inspect:


Thank you pheraph :)

You helped me a lot to acheive one of my goal

is there any oprion to change the text font and remove the underline of the text?

in the editing mode, the underline is not showing, but once it saved the underline is appearing

Thanks all!

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Hey Sir,

I want to know if it is allowed to post an hyperlink in youtube to my own created interactive videos on h5p.

Kind regards.

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Yes, it should be fine.

- Tim 

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Hi, sorry to resurrect an old thread but did this get solved?

I have a course with next button graphics on the presentation screens and want to keep them for consistency in the interactive video sections. However, I am unable to assign a hyperlink to the next button graphic and also specify a target - it just opens in a new window, as others have said above. I don't want to have to resort to just using a text link.


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Hi Mark,

I'm afraid not, no one has picked up this project since this thread was created.


I have the same problem. Will it be solved soon?

Hitting similar problems with Interactive video.  I'm building a complex interactive with lengthy videos and require multiple H5P IVs to be linked together seamlessly within the same iframe (avoiding different browser tabs opening, avoiding the h5p play button being paused on loading by browser, avoiding youtube recommendations as well as managing to work within LMS file size limits on video)

Text links appear to be currently the only way to do target self URL, but they're not quite as neat or consistent as Mark mentioned. 

If Add Interactive Items ->  "Link" or "Navigation Hotspot" or even "Cross Roads" would allow to specify URL target the creative options would be endless!  

I attempted downloading and unzipping the H5P, editing the content.json to include target self under Navigation Hotspot, without any success.  Even a janky html workaround would be amazing if anyone knows how this could be achieved.

Fantastic tool otherwise!

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Hi Faultline!

While I understand what you're requesting, I doubt this will make it into H5P (in total). You cannot prevent YouTube from showing recommendations if you're using their API (and if you found a way, you'd violate their terms of service). I am not entirely sure whether loading a different site in the same tab from within H5P's iframe is something that just requires to set the `target` attribute differently.


Many thanks for looking at that Oliver,

I'm actually hosting the videos locally on Moodle server rather than utilising YouTube for video for the exact reasons you mention:  the YouTube recommendations when pausing and other onscreen artifacts unfortunately make it a bit messy for the clean user experience required (as well as potentially against their TOS).   Building a sort of simulation that uses 360 Tour tool and Interactive video - filmed actors being interviewed in an OSHA type investigation, some branching video and other activities as well. 

In my testing i've neatly connected a 360 Tour H5P to seperate IV H5Ps all within the iframe by using Text (with self targeting assigned).  It all works quite well but the Text tool / html links require those few extra input clicks from the user and aren't as tidy as Link or Nav Hotspot.   And added benefit of linking seperate Interactive Videos within an iframe helps avoid browsers such as firefox auto pausing the video. 

While the text function fully allows URL link targeting within the iframe, it'd just be amazing if those Nav Hotspot and/or Link could allow similar targeting also instead of only in new window. 

The Interactive Video tool is otherwise an amazing tool and has so much potential for very deep, well crafted user experiences. 


H5P file: 
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Well, hope the H5P core team might have an open ear for you then.

Thanks Oliver :)

Still digging deeper and hoping a change to link.js (H5P.Link-1.3) by setting target=”_self”  might sort the targeting for both Link and IVHotspot.  Fingers crossed!