How to clone existing content type and add my feature into it



Is this possible to clone exisitng content type and modify it so I can use it the way I want.

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Hi vijayrajesh,

You can use the export/import feature of H5P to reuse contents.


No, I mean, I want to add new feature to content type itself. So, can I clone h5p.blanks folder and modify it?

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Hi vijayrajesh,

You can fork the code from Github. This is the link for H5P Blanks. Additional you can use these documentations as a guide.


Thank you.  I will try that.

Hi Vijay.  have you figured out how to automate content create process on H5P?

example: you have a Json file with 20 questions and answers. you run a script to automatically create content instead of doing it manually.  Can this be done?  

It seems like you want to pull the data at the time of loading.  I am sorry I have not done such things.  But that should be possible with good coders.  Basically, everyting is JS based.  So, I am sure it is possible if you get a good JS coder.

Thanks for asking.

Someone said to do the following: 

"I would recommend downloading a .h5p content, unzipping it and exploring how the content.json looks. All the data that the author inputs can be found there, and should give you some idea how you can construct the JSON through a script."

I guess H5P runs on JSON data.  What i need to do is push JSON data to H5P instead of loading it manually via wordpress or Lumi.