embed a quiz within an accordion

I am wondering if it is possible to embed h5p content within h5p content. Specifically, I was looking to include an h5p multiple choice question within an h5p accordion. Is that currently a possibility? 

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Hello r.rose,

Ich glaube, dass dies zur Zeit noch nicht möglich ist. Da H5P aber opensource ist, steht dem nichts entgegen, die Software deinen Bedürfnissen entsprechend anzupassen.

Grüße villon

Hello r.rose,

I don't think this is possible at the moment. But since H5P is opensource, there is nothing to prevent you from adapting the software to your needs.

Greetings villon

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Hi all!

There's already a pull request pending that will let you use any content within Accordion that Column supports. The H5P core team will need to find the resources to check this though.


This is good to know! I appreciate you providing this information.