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moin Gemeinde,

gerade habe ich aus aktuellem Anlass das erste Mal das dictationteil ausprobiert und bin saftig auf die Fresse gefallen.

Ohne nachzulesen, bin ich davon ausgegangen, dass ich mehrere Sätze, Wörter, Einzelbuchstaben anlegen könnte. Pustekuchen war es. Es wird nur der zuerst eingegebene Part angezeigt. Etwas frustrierend, Aber naja. Das ist verbesserungswürdig. Entweder, dass sich mehrere Sachen eingeben lassen oder dictation als Teil von course presentation.

Liebe Grüße


Hello, community,

I just tried out the dictation part for the first time and fell flat on my face.

Without reading up, I assumed that I could create several sentences, words and single letters. Fiddlesticks it was. Only the part entered first is displayed. A bit frustrating, but oh well. There is room for improvement. Either that multiple things can be entered or dictation as part of course presentation.

Kind regards


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Hi villon!

I am not fully sure if I understand your comment. You can add as many sentences as you wish. You enter one, and then you click on "SATZ HINZUFÜGEN" in German. That will add another sentence form.

If you are hinting to the possibility that one could add more than one recordings to one sentence: Yes, that's part of the H5P core audio upload interface, not of Dictation, and could only be changed by adding extra code to Dictation to work around that issue. However, for every sentence instance, Dictation says "Satz" in singular, so this might already hint to only add one sentence in one audio - and frankly, the content type has been around for years now and you're the first to feel upset about the behavior.


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Hallo Oliver,

das muss wohl an Lumi gelegen haben mit dem ich das probierte. Wer auch immer weiß warum das so passiert ist. Die nach dem ersten Satz eingegeben Sätze waren in dem erstellten Modul nicht sichtbar.

Unter WP hat es dann aber doch geklappt wie sich hier auf der Seite sehen lässt.

Liebe Grüße villon


Hello Oliver,

It must have been Lumi that I tried this with. Whoever knows why this happened. The sentences entered after the first sentence were not visible in the created module.

But under WP it worked as you can see here on the page.

Kind regards villon


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Hey, villon!

Good to know, although I am not sure what would make Lumi run Dictation incorrectly. But if you put "frustration" into your post's title, you have my attention :-)