Accordion | Display bugs - unordered stacking in chrome


Having some issues with the Accordion.

  1. As you can see form this accordion, if you click on panel “1” its content opens in panel “3”.
  2. Contents of panel is being pushed above the accordion when expanded.

Screen shot & .hsp also attached. We should send this to the H5P guys.


NOTE: This bug is new and could be to do with recent updates.

Chrome: We think this may be a Chrome bug as we could not replicate the same issue in Safari at this point in time. 

Hi ! This issue has indeed been reported earlier in the forum and the dev have identified what may cause it : There should be soon a release fixing this ;)

Thanks Realia

When is the next release date ?

I need to track these these things before they go live etc..  :)



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It is in regression testing now. Will be released when the devs feel it is ready. Hopefully this week :)