Accordion "panels" out of order/expand panel in wrong place

In Accordian content, I created 10 'panels' each with a title and text. I created those in this order: Terminal Objective, Enabling Objective 1, Enabling Objective 2, etc.

Initially worked fine and was in sequence as above. Now, here is the problem:

1. the order is mixed up (see attached) screenshots

2. clicking on the top most title opens a panel three lines below see screen shots. (Note the caret '>' turns to a down arrow as usual when expanding but hte panel opens three oe so down in the list circed in red)

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Very strange. Could you share a link to Accordion you've created?

Just about to report the very same issue and saw this post. This accordian works fine in IE11 but not working in Chrome in the way the OP described.


The panels that open are the correct ones, it's just that they appear out of sequence - so visually it's very confusing.

Thanks NickVarney, some of my panels do not open the correct content. A couple open the content two or three panels below. And i tried in Chrome and in Safari. Then yesterday they all worked and loked fine. This morning back the the unsorted look. This is confusing as I took care in constructing them in the correct order. I did not go back and add some above other existing panels. I also tried to view this in a totally new user. In user admin, they sort correctly.



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We think we have identified the problem here and will release a fix for this soon. Thank you for reporting!

Hi !
About the accordion component, maybe it would nice to add in the stylesheet a "cursor:pointer;" to "h5p-accordion .h5p-panel-title:hover" to show that the panels titles are links ?

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I agree, fixed in 921b73 and will be part of the next release.

Thanks icc

When is the next release date ?

I need to track these these things before they go live etc..  :)



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Hi Nick! We're currently working on testing the next release. Hopefully the code will be out sometime next week. I'm sorry for not being more accurate, but it will depend on the number of issues we find. We are also working on making our development process more transparent, making it easier to follow and contribute.

If you're eager to get this issue fixed it's a small change which you could apply to your local files.

Thank you for asking.

Hi, thanks for the update. I'm happy to wait for the fix.

Thanks for looking into it.



I am also seeing the same issues. I event went through and numbered them Q1, A1, Q2, A2, etc... to see what's going on. I look forward to the fix!  Amy

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I'm seeing this bug too, just as the OP described it. I am also using Chrome. And, I am also looking forward to the fix. :)

Thank you.