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a noob question probably.

I need to do some decision tree for a customer and I was wondering if there is something I could use or be a good start point.

It should be something like:


if you select A, goto slide 4

if you select B, goto slide 6

if you select C, goto slide 2

I think you get the point.

Thanks :)

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Hi! I think you could create each option as a text box and put a goto slide link(anchor icon in the toolbar) on top of the textboxes.

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Thanks for your response.

The thing is that the content creator should be able to do it in a friendly way because he must be ale to create that kind of navigation freely...


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I see. There will be easier ways of doing this in the future. A branching narrative content type, and also a way to easily make texts and images link to other slides without using the go to slide feature.
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I will keep an eye on it that then!

We have a very sophisticated branching narrative tool - OpenLabyrinth: 

Originally designed to create virtual patients, it can be used for any kind of branching pathway. Does not have to be medical at all. 

Why might this be of interest to H5P users? Because we have just integrated the H5P framework into our demo OLab server. So we can host H5P widgets within such a branching map. 

There are various ways within OLab to control path navigation - easiest way to start is to draw your desired paths using our concept mapping tool within our Visual Editor. But you can also use counters, rules, conditional logic. It is a powerful system - not the easiest to get your head around at first, but you can do a lot with it. 

Free and open-source. If you want to try it out, request a trial account on our demo server using the web site above. 

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