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I am looking for an option that can enablet th egap size that can be set by user instead of a standard gap size determined by the interface.

In a paragraph scenario sometime we can hide a single word or multiple words. The gap displyed is uniform to all either the word is made of two letters or 20 letters and a multiple words can be made of four letters or 35 letters. giving an option for editor to control the gap sizes will help the user to look for the selection of possible options to drag a small word or a large word or a small multi word or a large multi word.

Hope to hear from one you soon

Thank you




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What you want to do is currently impossible in the H5P Drag the Words content. From a didactic point of view, don't you think this would make the exercise rather too easy for the student? Anyway, could you specify if you would actually want each blank to be of the exact size of the missing word/group of words? or approximately that size?

As you have noted, the current H5P Drag the Words content version does not allow for longer chunks of text to be displayed inside the blanks when dragged; longish texts are cut off after approx. the 16th character. You may be interested in an advanced version of that H5P content, which will accept any length of text, and which I have just developed and made available on my Drupal/H5P test site (Drag the Words 'papi Jo' ). Comments welcome!