Align objects

I searched and found a couple of comments on this topic but in case it han't been suggested as a feature request, adding it here. 

When creating lists sometimes I have an image to put next to it or an audio file, something along those lines. It is virtually impossible to get them all aligned correctly. So if there were an align objects option or a snap to grid? Something along those lines. As a quick example you can see that the audio buttons are pretty impossible to line up - they will jump slightly up or slightly down.

Even if there were a way to maybe enter them into a table to align it would be helpful. So I don't know the exact feature, I just know that it drives me bonkers that these are all slightly out of alignment! 


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Hi Carmen,

Your link does not work: Error Page Not Found The link may be broken or the URL has been mistyped

I quite agree that an "align objects" option would be very useful in a number of H5P contents when editing.