360 Virtual Tour - Edit default 'Scene' to start from

Hi all,

Looking for some help in whether it is possible to change the default 'scene' that a virtual tour starts from.

I'm not asking about 'set starting position' for the view. I'm looking to see if the chosen scene displayed first can be edited after the 360 Virtual Tour has been created.

For context, I have set up a series of panoramas around an estate, recreating a 'Street view' experience, but I have since realised that the first panorama used as the scene background is not appropriate as the starting point.

As an aside, the virtual tour has been really intuitive to learn and I've been enjoying the posibilities. Thank you to the devs for making this possible!

Kind regards,

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Hi Devin!

All you need to do is go to the scene selector below the scene, hover over the one that you want to make the first one and then click the "pin" button.


Hi Oliver, 

I love it when the solution is that simple. Thanks for the reply!