Video Play not showing up

We have created a HP5 package with a video. This is in Moodle 3.11. H5P version is; 


When we go to page with the h5p content in Firefox version (102.0 (64-bit)) - the video starts to play - which is what we want it to do. However in Edge or Chrome, the video does not start at all. The image is there but it does not play - nor do we see the play button at the bottom left of the screen. However if we refesh the screen, then the play button appears and we can then play the video. Even though it is set to start auto.

Any suggestions as to what might be causing this? 

Thank you

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Hello chrisn,

Your request is somewhat incomprehensible or lacking in information, as it is impossible to understand why your video does not start under Edge or Chrome, as this video or the H5P package is not visible here either. May I guess once or several times? For that, the H5P logo is really impressively large, but also has no real information value for this query.

Greetings villon


I agree.  about it being incomprehensible and lacking information. And yes the H5P logo was a mistake I did not know how to fix It was a cut and paste showing the version of H5P. Let me try this again.

We have a course where we have many H5P content, mostly showing videos with true-false through out. We are using Moodle 3.11 and we have 2 H5P versions -  one with blue icon is: H5P mod_h5pactivity 2021051700 and the black icon one - H5Pmod_hvp 1.22.4 2022012000.

When I go to the page with the video in it, I can see the video picture, (as shown in chrome - when first accessing video screenshot) and then after refrehsing the video, I can see the player button (as shown in the chrome after refreshing browser screen shot).

If I do the same thing in Firefox I see the player button as shown in the 2nd screenshot.

The H5P content is being createed on a Mac. When trying to play on either a mac or pc we see the issue.

I cannot load up the H5P video as it is over the max allowed and also it is confidential and I have been told not to.

Does this provide enough information to get this discucssion started and possibly ask more questions?

Thank you



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Moin chrisn,

ich glaube, dass das eher ein moodle-Problem ist. Und wirklich hilfreich gewesen wäre ein Beispielvideo mit nicht relevantem Inhalt, um zu demonstrieren, was da browserseitig nicht funktioniert. Die unterschiedlichen Logos und die dahinterstehende Funktion werden hier übrigens sehr gut erklärt. Ich vermute mal, dass die in moodle integrierte Funktion von h5p die Erstellung der Videos nicht hinkriegt und scheitert. Und wie Oliver Tacke es immer so schön beschreibt, ein screenshot gleicht einem Foto eines Autos, das am Straßenrand steht und nicht fährt, und ich soll dann versuchen zu erklären, warum es nicht fährt. Wird schon.

Grüße villon

Moin chrisn,

I think this is more of a moodle problem. And it would have been really helpful to have an example video with non-relevant content to demonstrate what is not working on the browser side. By the way, the different logos and the function behind them are explained very well here. I suspect that the h5p function integrated into moodle does not manage to create the videos and fails. And as Oliver Tacke always describes it so beautifully, a screenshot is like a photo of a car that is standing at the side of the road and not driving, and I should then try to explain why it is not driving. It will.
greetings villon

I have gotten a bit further with the issue, if I turn off auto play of the video, then the play button shows everytime in all browsers. I did test with a test video (from h5p site). I have uploaded. It contains the autoplay turned on.  See two attachments.

Thanks Chris

H5P file: 

Hi chrisn,

I faced the same issue with branching scenario with interactive video. Starting the video, the frame is black with no video/audio with all recent browsers. I checked PHP error log with DEVELOP log level but there aren't error messages. I'm using Moodle 3.10.3+, H5P 1.22.4 version and Branching scenario 1.7.0 version. Any suggestions?