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I'm looking to create a test where depending on their score learners are directed straight to a different set of questions e.g. if they get 10/10 on a quiz they are directed straight to the next set of questions, if they get <10/10 they are sent to a different set. Is this possible? I tried the branching scenario but I couldn't add sets of questions, only individual ones. 


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Hi amramzy,

I don't think this is possible at the moment, as H5P does have an xAPI connection, but you have to be able to capture it somehow via script. However, it would be possible to appeal to the honesty of your students and also believe them. They are learning for themselves, not for you, to realise this forwarding via HTML and to offer a forwarding link to the next exercise or one to repeat the exercise after the exercise, depending on the score.

I don't know what the possibilities are in the various LMS's, but I think you have to manage the xAPI connection somehow. I'll probably have to deal with that some day. What a bummer ;-)

Maybeyou can ask on They've found a way, to grab the score and show the result, jut like in this unit:

Edit: You haven't written on which platform you want to implement it. That would be important so that you can be helped.

Greetings villon