How to save a H5P score and add the points to a Moodle Quiz

Hello everyone,


I have a specific question:

We are creating a Moodle course completely based in the Moodle activity "quiz." Within these quizzes we have multiple STACK questions and also descriptions in which H5P elements are embedded.

Some of these H5P elements are interactive. Our plan is to...

1. assign points to these H5P elements; once the student has finished the activity the points should be saved within the Moodle quiz.

2.implement the H5P element in such a way (maybe a different type of question?) that the points add up with the "regular" questions points in the final score of the quiz activity.

I hope my explanation is clear to you.

Is there any way to make this happen? Or, if not, is there a similar solution?


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Hi Isabella,

in your case, I think you need to figure out how to use moodle to read the Xapi results from H5p and how to add that to the results from the moodle quiz.
However, you could have found that out yourself with a forum search.