Bug in Essay Q


Hi, I think I've got a but in the Essay content type. When displayed on an iPhone, the Solution (in my example, called "expert feedback") button does not appear. 



For reference, I've attached a screenshot of the terms I've used in this example.

Anyone else seeing this issue?

Many thanks,




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You mean that label in tha attached image? iOS 15.6.1

Wouldn't know why any browser would have trouble with this - and if it has, it's rather a bug in the browser.



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I have not checked this down to iOS 12 and the label that you hinted to in your screenshot is always shown.

If you in fact rather wonder why you only see the eye on the "Show solution" button which does not use tha label that you set it to (which is not the one that you highlighted, but the field Text for "Show solution button" two fields above in your screenshot), then the answer is: That's because there's not enough horizontal space to fit the text into the button. It is not Essay that's controlling this, but the H5P.Question library that is used throughout plenty of other content types, too.


Indeed... it is the text length!  Thanks for the insight.