At the moment i'm creating and learning how to make a boardgame. When i add a new hotspot there is a small cursive text below which says:

Hotspots are mini-games that are placed on the board. E.g. Quiz, Hangman.  Where can i find that hangman?

Anyone who knows?


You can find the hangman on Github : https://github.com/audunhauge/hangman
and otherwise there is a demo in the labs (embeddable ; no download available anymore) : http://labs.h5p.org/?p=153
But I think that this content is no longer being developped...



hi there this is a copy of hangman try to upload it and have fun.. :-)

H5P file: 

Thank you!

So far it works and it is a great little game for my students. Still i'am trying to put it in the boardgame since it is mentioned there. But i quess that the feature was never implemented?

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No, the hangman isn't an official part of H5P yet. It haven't been sent for review on H5P.org

is working plugin available for h5p

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Hi zionarun,

We have plugins for Moodle, Drupal and Wordpress.