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Buenos días. Soy docente de la Cosejería de Educación de Canarias. Tengo un blog de profesorado y en un curso que estoy haciendo de competencia digital me mandan a hacer una actividad con H5P. Al seguir los pasos para activar la herramienta, me sale la siguiente notificación y no entiendo por qué. ¿Qué debo hacer?

"It looks like there are no content types installed. You can get the ones you want by using the small 'Download' button in the lower left corner on any example from the Examples and Downloads page and then you upload the file here.

If you need any help you can always file a Support Request, check out our Forum or join the conversation in the H5P Community Chat."

"Hello. I am a teacher at the Canary Islands Education Council. I have a blog for teachers and in a course I'm doing on digital competence they send me to do an activity with H5P. When following the steps to activate the tool, I get the following notification and I don't understand why. What should I do?"

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Hi Franchiulla43,

Can you please check if "Use H5P Hub" is enabled if you go to Settings -> H5P. If not please enable it.