Video playback in branching scenario

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were creating content for an international audiuence 

video save in to activity as MP4 H.264, 720p for web  end up buffering and pausing part way through

we cant use Youtube ( some country fire walls block this) and dont have Panopto yet 

would you recommend using Panopto ( as I think this will fix buffering /streaming issues)  

tried with different Browsers chrome and edge 

happy to take advice and recommendations ?




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Hi Ian,

There are several factors that can cause this issue, browser, file type, hosting server resources etc. I think you have already ruled out browser although I would suggest trying others like Firefox, Safari or more. You did mention a specific file so I'm assuming this is the only one that is having the issue if so maybe use a different setting in creating the video. Panopto could also be an option but I personally haven't tested their service.


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If you upload a video to a site and use it in H5P, it's not streamed. The client will need to load (and buffer) the video, so if the connection is not good enough, loading the video will take longer than playing it and you'll encounter what you're describing.

Any service that offers streaming instead of just serving the video file will work - including Panopto.