Drag the Words Accessibility with JAWS

Hello! I'm using Chrome Version 91.0.4472.124 (Official Build) (64-bit), Moodle v3.9, and JAWS v2020.2006.12 ILM. I successfully created a Drag the Words challenge and added it to my Moodle course. I can successfully use the mouse to do the challenge and successfully use keyboard navigation per the steps below (which I found in this forum):

The Drag Text should work with keyboard only navigation. The keys to use are as follows:

1. Tab - Highlight the draggable words

2. Arrow keys to move between the draggable words

3. Space to "pick up" the word (automatically highlights the drop zones)

4. Arrow keys to move between the drop zones


5. Space to drop the word.

However, when I turn on JAWS the keyboard navigation steps fail. With JAWS on I can select a dragable option button but that's it. I cannot get it to populate into a drop zone. JAWS doesn't even recogize the drop zones. I finally found drop zones within the Select a Division jump list in JAWS, but even when I select it, it doesn't populate the drop zone with my selected button. I have the Virtual PC Cursor turned on in JAWS.

At this point, from my point of view, Drag the Text is *NOT* accessible. Being able to use the keyboard to navigate is great, but it also has to work with JAWS on otherwise it's pointless.

I am a sighted user so maybe I'm overlooking something in JAWS, IDK. I'd really like to use Drag the Text, but cannot unless it's 100% accessible.

Please advise.




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Interestingly enough, I just had the question today whether H5P were keyboard accessible which lead me to want to go and do some testing! As you've suggested, as soon as a screen reader is activated, the H5P becomes inaccessible because the reader is more interested in reading the content around the drop zones.

I completed some testing in NVDA and did actually find you can work these with a screen reader activated, but it requires you to manually switch between focus and browse mode. The Screen Reader needs to be in focus mode to be able to switch between the drop zones.

I'd imagine you need to make a similar switch in JAWS as it also has the two different modes available.

As a sighted user as well (using screen readers for testing), I'm not aware of whether it would be a common expectation to switch between browse and focus mode. Part of me believes it is, but I can't answer the question for sure whether these would be classed as accessible.

They certainly work better than a lot of other drag and drop interactions I've tested!