Course Presentation: Remove or Fix Social Media Sharing

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Is there a way to delete the "Share on Twitter, Facebook, etc" social icons on the Results page? I know you can turn off the Results page but I want to keep it. I don't want them there, but also they don't seem to work properly.

For example, when it is shared on Twitter, it just says "I got 67% on this task:

And nothing after that. Not even a link.





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Hi Veronica,

Thank you for reporting. I didn't know that the link was missing. We will fix it in the June version. A feature for disabling Twitter will take more time, but I can see that many would like that feature as well.


As it links to an admin location on wordpress, I'd like to be able to remove the sharing from results page entirely. Thanks.

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Can be removed via CSS, but of course we should also make it possible to hide it using admin settings. I don't know of anyone who are using that feature very actively

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Hi guys,

I noticed this thread and I've done this on Wordpress using css, if that's any good to you?

Here's the link:

Good luck